Providing high-quality hospitality throughout the journey.
TWILIGHT EXPRESS MIZUKAZE crew welcomes you with attentiveness and a smile.

  • Train Manager

    TWILIGHT EXPRESS MIZUKAZE has four charms which cannot be experienced anywhere else: an elegant train with a touch of nostalgia, large windows from which you can see the stunning scenery, cuisine which uses varied ingredients from along the route, and attractions in which you can experience the wealth of history and culture of west Japan.
    During the time spent on board MIZUKAZE, we want you to thoroughly experience these charms, and by meeting people from areas along the route, discover the wonders of west Japan, including the Sanin and Sanyo regions.
    With this in mind, the crew does its utmost to provide the best service possible to each and every guest. With confidence, we promise to give you a special journey which will leave you wanting to ride the train again and again.
    All the MIZUKAZE crew is waiting to greet you.
  • Service crew

    The service crew is responsible for onboard guidance, meals, drinks provision, sightseeing spot guidance, and bedmaking, from the start to the end of the journey.
    It is our greatest pleasure to be able to meet guests through MIZUKAZE, show the wonderful scenery of west Japan, offer priceless experiences at the sightseeing spots, and communicate the delights of the cuisine.
    We will do our utmost to ensure that the time spent onboard MIZUKAZE is a precious one in the lives of our guests.
  • Kitchen crew

    The cuisine served onboard TWILIGHT EXPRESS MIZUKAZE is supervised by top-class chefs, and contains carefully selected ingredients produced in the abundant nature of west Japan. It is one of the main appeals of the journey.
    So that you can feel the splendor of west Japan through the high quality and tasteful ingredients which delight the five senses, the kitchen crew make each dish with care.
    Looking out at the beautiful scenery of west Japan, and enjoying the cuisine which uses ingredients produced through great efforts in the areas passing by, is a luxury unique to MIZUKAZE. It is an experience not to be missed.