Beautiful scenery in all
its seasonal expressions.

Rich history and culture
along the route.

Culinary delights produced
in magnificent nature.

Local arts and crafts
perfected through
deep-rooted sensibility.

  • 「Greetings
  • 「Greetings
  • 「Greetings
  • 「Greetings
  • 「Greetings

Running through the traditional
landscapes of West Japan,

The train offers the superior
of a hotel with
a touch of nostalgia.

Cuisine prepared by culinary
using ingredients
from along the route.

The smartly dressed crew
offering first-class hospitality.

The warm welcome from locals
throughout the journey.

JR-West Group
and all the people involved

are unified
in their wish

to give a warm-hearted
welcome to guests
from around Japan
and across the world.

  • 「Greetings

Enjoy the journey and
rediscover the beauty
of Japan.


Photography ©Takashi Karaki ©Yuya Yamazaki